Magnus flush door are assembled with hard wood which is known for its load bearing capacity. Full size frames are used for better strength. Both side lock rails are provided for sufficient strength to the handles and knobs.

All core, battens and frames are treated with special chemical, which makes the door stable in case of borer and termite attack. BWP grade PF resin is used during manufacturing which provide long life to doors in any climate.

Application: Magnus flush door shutters are widely used for residential and commercial complexes, schools, restaurants, hotels, offices, cinema halls, apartments etc.

Size (In feet): 6×3, 7×3, 8×3, 6×4, 7×4, 8×4, 7×5, 8×5

Thickness: 19mm

  Test ISI Requirements Observed Values
1 Dimension Length, Width - + 5mm
Thickness - + 1mm
Within limits
2 Squareness Deviation not more than 1mm on a length of 500mm Deviation below 1mm
3 General flatness Twist, cupping, warping not to exceed 6 mm  
4 Local planeness Depth of deviation at any point to be less than 0.5 mm Within limits
5 Impact indentation test Depth of Indentation not to exceed 0.2 mm Within limits
6 Flexure test The deflection at the maximum load shall not be more than 1/30 of length and 1/15 of width and the residual deflection should not be more than 1/10 Satisfactory
7 Edge loading test Deflection of edge with max. To be less than 5 mm Within limits
8 Shock resistance test No visible defect after test No visible defects
9 Buckling test Initial deflection -residual deflection -Within limits
10 Slamming test No visible damage after test No visible damage
11 Misuse test No deformation after test No deformation
12 Varying humidity test No visible warping, twisting or de-lamination No such defects observed
13 End immersion test No de-lemination at the end No de-lemination
14 Knife test Minimum pass standard Excellent
15 Glue adhesion test No de-lamination No de-lamination
16 Screw withdrawal test Load to withdraw the screw shall not be less than 1000 N 1250 N